USGS Nebraska Water Science Center


Real-Time and Laboratory Analyzed Water-Quality Monitoring

Surface-water and groundwater quality monitoring:

  • Ensure water used for consumption meets drinking water standards.
  • Ambient monitoring of streams, rivers, and lakes.
  • Monitoring of nitrates, pesticides, bacteria, sediment, other pollutants, and water-quality parameters.
  • Instantaneous results, such as those available on the Platte River, are available to the public through NWISweb.
  • Comprehensive ecological monitoring of aquatic systems


Groundwater and surface-water models including:

  • Advanced regional and local numerical groundwater models which run on an extensive computer array.
  • Multi-dimensional and steady and unsteady flow models.
  • Flood inundation maps and flood insurance studies.
  • Empirical and theoretical run-off models.
  • Innovative and complex numerical optimization and parameter estimation techniques.

These simulations can identify risks both to water resources and infrastructure and can also develop management scenarios to minimize those risks

Sonar, Geophysical, and LiDAR Surveys

Employing cutting edge data collection to maximize our understanding

Advanced multibeam echosounder sonar unit:

  • Hydrographic surveys, river and lake assessments.
  • Rapid data collection and processing of data sets.

Geophysical surveying:

  • Geologic framework, levee seepage and integrity, and canal leakage studies.
  • Extensive datasets enhance groundwater models and geological framework studies.

Ground-based LiDAR:

  • Rapid topographic and structures, and quantity surveying.

Sediment Transport / Geomorphology

Evaluating the effectiveness of aquatic habitat restoration and the impacts of flow management/augmentation on the shape of stream channels

  • Monitoring and assessment of geomorphic change and sediment transport in constructed river side-channels and chutes.
  • Empirical and theoretical sediment transport studies.
  • Hydroacoustic streamflow measurement and sediment transport.