Groundwater/Surface-Water Interactions in the Loup River Basin

Coupled Groundwater/Surface-Water Gages

The stream reaches of interest are the South Loup River above the St Michael stream gage, the Dismal River above the Thedford gage at Highway 83, and the North Loup River above the Taylor gage.  For each stream reach, a coupled groundwater/surface-water gage will be instrumented at six existing stream-gaging stations. Coupled groundwater/surface-water gages consist of a streamgage coupled with an observation well that has been completed below the elevation of the streambed and instrumented with a water-level recorder. The information provided by a network of coupled gaging stations will allow scientists and managers to analyze streamflow and groundwater discharge patterns, both temporally and spatially. The results of this study will provide valuable information for future groundwater management actions to conserve, maintain, and protect water supplies, natural environments, and economic vitality for future generations.